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Leaders in offshore noise mitigation

Underwater noise mitigation plays a key role in environment-friendly development of offshore wind energy!

We are engaged, among other things, in the development, construction and application of noise mitigation systems as well as technical and logistic equipment. For this we possess a qualified and specialised staff, our own vessels and all the necessary equipment.

Our BEKA shell emerged as a system with the most significant noise reducing effect in the field trials conducted as part of the ESRa [Evaluation of Systems for Ramming Noise Mitigation] project (May 2012). Hence, the BEKA shell provides the most effective noise mitigation known so far. This effectively and impressively establishes our competence and encourages us in our ongoing further developments.

In addition to actual noise mitigation, our focus is on practical, reliable and fail-safe application of our systems. It is imperative to avoid outage times and costly delays on site and to maintain the required or defined values. This includes the peculiar and specific conditions above and under the sea.

WEYRES-OFFSHORE is your reliable and experienced partner, as proven by our current projects and projects underway for well-known companies of the industry!

Errichterschiff Victoria Mathias mit BBC

Double BEKA-BBC at jackup rig Victoria Mathias

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