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Development and design

We are available on-site as design engineers. We analyse the assignment in collaboration with our customers. We formulate and discuss various approaches to finding solutions, visualise design and construction ideas, and prepare feasibility studies. In short: We find and optimise practical solutions that fit in the budget and implement these in production and application.

Here our area of activity extends beyond noise mitigation and includes for instance measures for protection against scouring, cleaning of piles and large pipes, etc.

Consult our experts before starting your project. We would be glad to assist you with our expertise and experience.

We prepare the following in our design office with focus on offshore noise mitigation:

BEKA-Scahle geöffnet

BEKA-Shell, open

The Small BEKA Bubble Curtain developed by us is extendable and can be adjusted according to any prevalent water depth without modification ...
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The development work includes in-house test series.

Production of hose reels in our factory.