Other developments


The objective is to develop a stand-alone structural unit for simplifying and expediting all the work steps required for setting and driving mono-piles: Attachment of piles with integrated gripper, exact positioning, noise mitigation with help of BEKA shells as well as guidance during hammering.

Introduction of the mono-pile into the pre-positioned BEKA shell.


Very often longer periods elapse between setting up of piles and installation of “transition pieces”, during which the steel pipes are overrun with seashells or mussels or are overgrown with algae. The pipes need to be cleaned so that the “transition pieces” are attached properly. For this purpose we have developed the BEKA pile cleaner as a mobile usable system.

BEKA PILE CLEANER during a cleaning operation (animation)


Scouring at the base of the driven in mono-piles present a huge problem. The scouring could be substantial depending on the ground swell and could damage pile stability. BEKA-UMBRELLA makes for a cost-effective, sustainable and completely recyclable solution with minimal logistic intervention.

Self-unfolding BEKA-UMBRELLA for prevention of scouring in mono-piles.

Animation showing BEKA shell application with BEKA guide as the stand-alone positioning and installation unit.

Animation showing functioning of the BEKA pile cleaner.

Animation showing functioning of the BEKA-UMBRELLA for protection against scouring.